Stylish. Energy and Costs saving. Cool alternative to the tube lights.


LED panels are designed for recessed installation to plaster boards and drop ceilings, especially. Popular alternative to the tube lights. Great for offices, households, administrative buildings, hotels or coffeehouses, etc. Want something different? Use the accessories and install the LED Panel as you wish - surfaced or suspended.

LED Panel with a surface mounting frame

LED Panel with a surface mounting frame

LED Panel with a surface mounting frame

LED Panels advantages

1st: Attractive design:  LED Panels are stylish lighting solution. There are many different ways how to involve them into the interior. It is up to you!

2nd: LEDs are made to save the costs:  LEDs know how to use the energy effectively. They help to reduce the energy consumption and bring your bills down. This way, the LED technology provides a very quick return on investment.

3rd: Easy to install:  The easy installation makes the LED Panels true user friendly. Use wires, frame for the surface mounting  or simply insert it into the drop ceiling - always only few minutes to have it done.

4th: Diffused light: LED Panels emit pleasant and diffused light your eyes will appreciate.

5th: It can make your arms longer:  Is the switch too far? Inaccessible? Want to impress your companion? Choose the LED Panel with a remote control.

Need something more? Dimming function! Possiblity to order a dimming version - you can set the light level according to the situation/use.

LED Panels provide you:

  • a stylish modern design
  • significant costs savings
  • an even room illumination
  • an easy installation
  • a maintenance free operation
  • no flickering and no delay when turned on
  • an environmentally friendly operation


LED Panels

Quality of LED Panels

When LEDs get too hot, their operation time decreases a lot. Therefore, the LEDs need a proper cooling. The aluminium panel body works as a perfect cooler. The combination of LED chips and the high quality power supply provides many years of operation with no maintenance required. Thanks to the quality components, we gladly provide 3-5 year warranty.


LEDs are made to save energy. Moreover, the maintenance free operation bring the service bills down, so you can save up to 60% of costs comparing to the common alternative.

LED Panels Price

The product price depends on a project. Contact us and ask for a price quote.

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