Energy and Costs saving
LED Public Lighting


LED Public Lighting is designed for streets, roads, parks, cycle routes and paths, sidewalks, public and private parking lots, industrial and commercial sites and areas. Enjoy the possibility that gives you the LED Public Lighting Nicole (Lumis-LED) - choose the proper colour spectrum - according to the site illumination requirements.

LED Public Lighting Advantages

1st: The best technology:  We enjoy the technical progress and want you to enjoy it, too. Therefore, our LED Public Lighting employs the latest findings on LED technology, optics, thermal management and light intensity management.

2nd: LEDs are made to save the costs:  LEDs know how to use the energy effectively. They help to reduce the energy consumption and bring your bills down - save up to 50-90% of your costs. LED technology provides a very quick return on investment.

3rd: "Never-ending" operation time:  The operation time of our LED Public Lighting reaches 50,000 - 100,000 hours. That means more than 20 years of perfect light.

4th: Maintenance free:  The body of each light is designed to require minimum cleaning - two times in 20 years is enough. It has IP65 - IP67 enclosure rating - a high protection against the water and dust.

Sodium lamps vs. LED lights comparison

Quality of LED Public Lighting

Our LED Public Lighting consists only of high quality LED Chips by CREE, Bridelux, Philips and Osram, and the power supply by Mean Well or Philips. Thanks to the perfect lens the light is emitted evenly. The producers have thought of every detail - even a perfect cooling system. Whole cover is a functional cooling device. It provides the proper temperature, so that the the diodes and all electric components can work well.


LEDs are made to save the energy. That makes the operation truly eco-friendly. Of course, the less energy consumed, the lower the costs. Save 50-90 % of the costs! Not decided yet? What about maintenance free operation? No manipulation with the device during whole operation time – even the cleaning two times in 20 years is enough. Therefore, you don't need to pay high maintenance bills. Just install and start saving!

LED Public Lighting Price

The product price depends on a project. Contact us and ask for a free quote.

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