Stylish and fashionable.
Energy and Costs saving.
Alternative to common tube lights.


Our Linear LED Lights are a perfect alternative to tube lights. Great for offices, showrooms, warehouses, corridors, shopping malls, parking houses, garages or industrial sites. Unlike the common linear lights, our Linear LED Lights do not contain any light tubes - the LED Chips and the driver are directly involved in the light body.

Linear LED Lights Advantages

1st: Attractive design:  Linear LED Lights are stylish lighting solution. The futuristic design, which will be on forever!

2nd: Perfect light in a second:  Our Linear LED Lights do not flicker and switch on immediately, even if switched on repeatedly.

3rd: Even light:  Polycarbonate shell ensures the even light.

4th: Maintenance free:  Common linear lights contain one or two tubes. The fluorescent tubes burn out constantly and need to be changed very often. Annoying and expensive, isn't it? Our Linear LED Lights solve that up - the LEDs are involved in the light body and last long. No need to change them. Moreover, our Linear LED Lights have smooth compact body - easy to clean, not a dust-trap!

5th: LEDs are made to save the costs:  LEDs know how to use the energy effectively. They help you to reduce the energy consumption and bring your bills down.

Linear LED Light LOTA 

Quality of Linear LED Lights 

Quality and style. These two words describe our Linear LED Lights the best. An excellent driver and LEDs work great together. Both involved right into the light body.

But what about the overheating? When LEDs get too hot, their operation time decreases a lot. Therefore, the LEDs need a proper cooling. The alluminium alloy body is a generous cooler, isn't it? Covers all LED's needs.

You can turn the light on and off over and over again. It resists! Troubles with the voltage fluctuation in the premises? Don't worry. Our Linear LED Lights can stand it all!

No flickeringno delays on switching, no radio frequency disturbanceNo maintenance required

We offer our best and gladly provide 3-5 year warranty.


LEDs are made to save energy. Let's compare our Linear LED Lights to a common alternative. You can save up to 60 % of the costs, mostly thanks to the LED technology. Moreover, maintenance free operation brings the service bills down.

Linear LED Lights Price

The product price depends on a project. Contact us and ask for a free quote.

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We offer an individual approach for each project and we take into account the parameters of lighted premises when proposing a solution. 

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