Energy and costs saving.
Anti-theft design.


Sensor LED Lights are perfect for corridors, stairways, entrance areas or common areas in blocks of flats, garages, cellars or house entrances. 

Sensor LED Lights Advantages

1st: Contactless: No need to look for the switch in the dark. The sensor registers you and turns the light on immediately.

2nd: Customization: It is possible to set the light intensity, time period or sensitivity to daylight.

3rd: "Never-ending" operation time: The sensor turns the light on only when necessary. Thus, the LEDs operation time is almost unlimited.

4th: Anti-theft design: Do the bulbs sometimes "disappear" from the lamp in the common area? If you choose our Sensor LED Lights, this wil never happen again. LEDs are directly involved in the light body - they just can't be stolen!

5th: Maintenance free: Thanks to the smooth design and solid compact shell no maintenance is required. 

Inside of Sensor LED Light SANDRA

Twist the screw to set the light's parameters. The screw is visible when the shell is removed.

  • LUX - sensitivity to daylight 
  • TIME - turn-on period
  • DISTANCE - sensor range distance

Quality of Lights

Noiseless microwave sensor and reliable electronic driver are involved. The light body is solid and compact.

No PIR sensors. Why? We want to provide to our customers only the best. If the ceiling is not high enough, the beaming angle of a PIR sensor can be too narrow to register a person. This can cause a delay in switching and the light does not turn on when necessary.


Thanks to the sensor and high quality LED Chips the minimum of 90 % saving can be guaranteed.

Sensor LED Lights Price

The product price depends on a project. Contact us and ask for a free quotation.

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We offer an individual approach for each project and we take into account the parameters of lighted premises when proposing a solution. 

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