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New LED High Bay Lights for the most demanding installations

Popular, versatile and dustproof Linear LED Light LENA comes now in two new versions – LENA ECO and LENA Ex:

  • Linear LED Light LENA ECO is a more affordable version of LENA. It is a great lighting solution for installations, where both lower light flux and system efficacy would suffice (LENA ECO reaches 134 lm/W, while LENA gets up to 182 lm/W). Just as its predecessor LENA, LENA ECO features integrated Philips Lumuileds and Tridonic driver, both guaranteeing quality and maintenance free operation (comparing to standard fluorescent tubes).
  • Linear LED Light LENA Ex is certified for explosive environments. It is highly splashing water resistant and shockproof.

Linear LED Light LENA ECOLinear LED Light LENA certified for explosive environments

Other new products

  • Linear LED Light LINUS is a dustproof fixture suitable for aggressive environments with extreme temperatures (-40 °C – +60 °C). A great lighting solution for freezer rooms, cooling rooms, metallurgical lines, bakeries and glass factories. 
  • Linear LED Light LINEA features a toughened glass to protect LEDs and optics. Aluminium body protects the inner part of the light from corroding even in demanding environments (warehouses, production sites, workshops, corridors, basements, garages, petrol stations, industrial sites). Moreover, LINEA is dustproof, shockproof and highly resistant to splashing water.
  • LED High Bay Light IRIS RND is a top-notch modular high bay light. It features high system efficacy, suitable for industrial sites, warehouses, halls and hangars.
  • LED High Bay Light IVONA is a costs saving lighting solution for shopping malls, supermarkets, galleries, entrance areas and car show rooms.
  • LED High Bay Light IDA is suitable especially for food industry (refrigerated storage rooms, catering establishments, and bakeries). 
  • LED Downlight PASKAL is a popular lighting choice for petrol stations.

Linear LED Light LINUSLinear LED Light LINEALED High Bay Light IRIS RNDLED High Bay Light IVONALED High Bay Light IDALED Downlight PASKAL

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