PRIMUS: an unmatchable efficiency

A unique LED lighting

Technology keeps advancing, and LED High Bay Light PRIMUS is the proof. Without exaggeration, this lighting fixture is a unique element in our market – A winner in the category of “Energy Efficiency”.

We first saw the fixture by the end of 2022. We were curious – We hadn’t seen LED lighting with such high energy efficiency on the market before. We sent it to the lab to verify the parameters. The tests confirmed PRIMUS’ huge energy efficiency compared to competing LED fixtures.

LED High Bay Light PRIMUS

Highly energy efficient – What does that mean?


Energy efficiency tells us how many lumens per watt the lighting emits.

Energy efficiency = light flux/electric power

In layman’s terms – it tells us the energy savings on the fixture. It means “netto power”  – with all losses (both optical and electrical) accounted for. To give you an idea = A traditional incandescent bulb has an efficiency of about 10-15 lm/W, a common fluorescent light of about 40-60 lm/W and LED lighting of about 100-170 lm/W.

PRIMUS has an extraordinarily high energy efficiency – up to 197 lm/W (at 4,000 K and colour rendering index (CRI/Ra) > 80). The following chart shows average values for the tested PRIMUS fixture.

  Measured values
Light flux 28,575 lm 22,820 lm 16,930 lm
Input 150 W 118 W 86 W
Energy efficiency 190.5 lm/W 193.4 lm/W 196.9 lm/W

Note: Full lab results can be provided on request

Comparison to common lighting solutions

We compared PRIMUS with other – commonly used – lighting solutions: a discharge lamp, an economy-grade LED light and PRIMUS. As you can see, PRIMUS can provide even higher savings than a common LED light.

  Discharge lamp
(old-fashioned lighting solution)
Economy-grade LED light
(standard lighting solution)
LED High Bay Light PRIMUS
(new lighting solution)
Input 400 W 200 W 150 W
Annual consumption
(16 hr/day, 260 days/year, 30 EUR/MWh)
562 EUR 250 EUR 187 EUR

 - 56% 67%
 - 312 EUR 374 EUR

Other advantages of PRIMUS

Besides the high energy efficiency, PRIMUS offers additional pros:

  • resistance – suitable for challenging environments (production sites, workshops, storage rooms...)
  • long operation time – up to 131,000 hours for the L70B50 variant (at 70% of light flux) and 70,000 hours for the L80B50 variant (at 80% of light flux)
  • extended 5 years warranty
  • control options (0-10V, HF sensor and PIR, DALI, DALI 2)
  • different optic systems for optimal beaming angles
  • most common types on stock

Highly efficient LED High Bay Light PRIMUS  Highly efficient LED High Bay Light PRIMUSVysokoúčinné svietidlo PRIMUS  

Image: LED High Bay Light PRIMUS – Details

→ Learn more about PRIMUS: Highly efficient LED High Bay Light PRIMUS

We will prepare a tailor-made solution for you

We offer an individual approach for each project and we take into account the parameters of lighted premises when proposing a solution. 

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