Reference page upgraded!

Our Reference page is now even friendlier

Since the moment FREYA Slovakia first opened its doors and had its first phone connected, we have been doing our best to light up the dark sites. Our LED lights bring better light to hundreds of places, while saving the costs and the environment. From now on, you can check them out in action much faster – simply use our new, friendlier Reference map.

Just click on that dot—the pop-up bubble displays basic information and provides a direct link to the complete Reference page, where you can learn more about the LED lighting project. Choose the category on the top right. Each LED Light category was assigned a colour code, so you can narrow down your search.

LED Reference map

Would you like a tailor-made lighting project? Contact us.

We will prepare a tailor-made solution for you

We offer an individual approach for each project and we take into account the parameters of lighted premises when proposing a solution. 

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