Lighting solution made to save the energy and costs.
Perfect for any production site. 


LED High Bay Lights are perfect lighting solution for production sites, storage rooms, shopping malls etc. Anywhere the high light flux and high quality of illumination are necessary.

LED High Bay Lights Advantages

1st: Maintenance free:  High Bay Lights are usually installed in heights, where the maintenance is quite difficult. Our LED High Bay Lights have a big advantage - maintence free shape and operation.

2nd: LEDs are made to save the costs:  Abundant lighting is required within the production sites. That means high energy consumption and of course, the costs. LEDs know how to use the energy effectively. They help to reduce the energy consumption and bring your bills down. Therefore, the LED technology provides a quick return on investment.

Anything else?  Our LED High Bay Lights switch on immediately to 100 %. they light up in a second even after the energy breakdown. No more security lights!

LED High Bay Light PRIMUS

Quality of LED High Bay Lights

What makes our lights so good? Quality guaranteed by original multichip by US producer CREE, high-quality electronic driver, great thermal conductivity. Therefore, we are proud to provide up-to 5 year warranty.


Let's compare the LED High Bay Lights with common lighting solution - gas-discharge lamps. LED High Bay Lights provide 40 - 60 % cost reduction! Need to save even more? Think of related costs: In production sites, the lights are usually installed in heights. Therefore, the maintenance becomes quite difficult and expensive. Our LED High Bay Lights are maintenance free - that means additional cost reduction - and service engineers can perform other duties instead!

High Bay Lights Price

The product price depends on a project. Contact us and ask for a free quote.

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We offer an individual approach for each project and we take into account the parameters of lighted premises when proposing a solution. 

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